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Chapter 2:  Managing Human Resources in a Changing Workplace

Belluck, P. (1999, August 1). Maybe 'Rages' Aren't What They're Cracked Up to Be.

"But it is not clear that what has been dubbed 'workplace rage' is really on the rise, researchers say. And similar doubts have been raised about other so-called 'rages,' namely road rage and air rage. Some experts suggest that the labels reflect only a national penchant for lumping similar but isolated acts of violence into categories -- and question whether media coverage is making them appear to be bonafide trends."

Oppel Jr., R. A. (1999, September 29). Retaliation Lawsuits Are a Treacherous Slope.

"For although many employers have become more sophisticated about responding to explicit charges of sexual, racial or age discrimination, they often get tripped up in the legal labyrinth that ensues. The most common mistake is to dismiss or discipline an employee for what the company regards as real misdeeds, only to be accused of punishing him or her for filing a discrimination claim or lawsuit. And many have discovered to their consternation that juries will award damages for such supposed retaliation, even if they believe the discrimination charges are bogus."

Greenhouse, S. (1997, August 17). Why Labor Feels It Can't Afford to Lose This Strike.

"For years American workers have grumbled about downsizing, the rise in part-time and temporary jobs, and the trend toward businesses offering fewer workers health insurance and pensions. But they did little to protest that cost-cutting -- until now."

Ellin, A. (1998, May 24). I Want to Be a Chairborne Ranger: Boot Camp for the Office.

"Programs like this one -- along with Outward Bound, ropes classes and others with more than a hint of summer-camp color wars -- have become almost ubiquitous in the world of corporate training."



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