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Chapter 1: The Judicial System and Dispute Resolution

Richtel, M. (1999, September 3). Texas Committee Fights Spread of Electronic Legal Advice

"The general controversy surrounds the proliferation of self-help Internet sites and software, which are intensifying the long-standing tension between the publishers of do-it-yourself legal materials and the traditional legal establishment."


Meier, B. and Oppel, R. A. Jr. (1999, October 15). States' Big Suits Against Industry Bring Battle on Contingency Fees

"A growing wave of lawsuits by cities and states against makers of cigarettes, guns, and now lead paint, has reignited a fierce debate over the role of lawyers and the enormous fees they can earn in legal actions brought by public officials."

Kaplan, C. S. (1999, August 13). Judge in Gambling Case Takes On Sticky Issue of Jurisdiction

"The riddle is this: What steps must a Web site take to screen out unauthorized users or buyers so as to escape the grasp of the local police?"







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